Western Front Website

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Vancouver’s Western Front is one of the leading artist-run-centres in Canada, and has made significant contributions to the development of experimental and interdisciplinary art practices both locally and internationally. In the early years its programmes exhibited work by artists including General Idea, Joseph Beuys, and Paul Wong. More recently the Western Front has featured the work of Paul Chan, Elizabeth Zvonar, and Neil Beloufa among many others.

We worked closely with Western Front’s Executive Director and staff to find the best way to deal with the challenges of promoting upcoming events and exhibitions, while also organizing work by more than twelve hundred artists—spanning an almost forty year period. Built with future growth in mind, the site will continue to take shape as new events are added, and as content is uploaded from the Western Front’s media archive of over two thousand audio tapes and videos.

Additional site features include an online store to sell memberships, tickets, and merchandise, and an activity page that shows users an overview of the popularity of every entry in the archive. The site was also designed with one easy to vary key colour, which allows Western Front’s staff to coordinate the site’s appearance with promotional materials for upcoming programming seasons.

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