Platform Gallery: By Any Other Name


In late summer 2011, our friends at Working Format invited Post-Projects’ founding partner Alex Nelson to contribute to their poster exhibit entitled By Any Other Name. Each participant was assigned a pseudonym for the city of Vancouver, which was to be used as a key element in their design. From Working Format’s brief:

“Like many other cities, Vancouver’s diverse, multicultural background has given way to the creation of several alternate names. These names — given in admiration, as matter-of-fact descriptors, or in jest — observe the many facets of our local industry, culture and geography. Bestowed by both residents and visitors, they suggest the multitude of histories that collectively define Vancouver.”

A form of concrete poetry developed by Emmet Williams was used as a technique to give form to the phrase “Hollywood North”, which was typeset using Ondrej Jób’s Klimax. The result was then overlaid on a gradient of colour meant to represent the north to south link between Vancouver and Los Angeles.